We became involved with AUSA Hoops because we needed an avenue for our son to be exposed to US College Coaches; in the hopes of him gaining a scholarship to a four-year division one program. He had represented his state for a number of years but had not garnered any solid interest from Schools. Having seen the calibre of player that had attended the tours in previous years (that had been offered scholarships) we knew that it was a legitimate option. (Past players have included notable State representatives as well as players that have represented Australia).

The results from the tour far exceeded our expectations. From being showcased at one tournament our son received a number of division one scholarship offers of which we are extremely grateful and could not have been done by highlight videos alone. We feel that the ability to have their teams play in certified AAU tournaments is the defining factor. Many families sign their child up to play in tournaments; believing that just because their child is travelling to the US to play; that they will be seen by coaches, this is simply not the case. AUSA Hoops have the experience and knowledge among their administration and Coaches to ensure not only that their teams will be showcased at tournaments that matter but also provide honest and realistic feedback about your expectations.

AUSA provides the avenue to explore all options NCAA Divisions 1,2,3 as well as NAIA and Junior Colleges. The staff went above and beyond what we would have expected. Flynn drove our son three hours to visit one of the schools that had offered so he could experience the campus firsthand and meet with the coaching staff on a more personal level, while Steve was always available to discuss any questions that we had, (pre and post tour) he assisted us with eligibility questions and provided guidance with his knowledge on Schools, coaches and conferences in the NCAA system which enabled us to make an educated decision on where our son would attend University.

The attention to detail that AUSA demonstrates during the planning of their tours is second to none. The training facilities at the AP Ranch in Dallas are world class, we were always kept fully informed and updated with their training schedule and playing results throughout the trip and always felt that our son was in a safe environment.

We are extremely grateful to AUSA Hoops for the work that they have done for our family and are
more than happy to recommend them as a legitimate program to become involved with, their
staff are professional, friendly and operate with integrity.

Jenelle & Pero Cameron

We just wanted to take this time to convey our heart-felt appreciation for your contribution and inputs into our daughter’s participation in the AUSA Emerald Team at the recent tournament in the USA.

It was a pleasure receiving regular updates and witnessing the team’s progress, results, challenges and positives. You had the unenviable challenge of bringing a group of seven individuals together to form a team. However, under your leadership, direction and counsel the girls became a highly functional and competitive outfit.

We have always taught our daughter that leadership is the ability to influence others in the ethical pursuit of the mission. Your philosophy and guidance to the team throughout the tournament has been to be good at the basics. It was at these moments the girls achieved greatness as they individually and collectively embraced each challenge and bonded strongly under your leadership and direction.

Notwithstanding the results and eventual standings, this has been a life-changing experience that will propel each of the girls forward in their respective journeys throughout life. Apart from the myriad of positives they will all take away from such a great tournament and experience, they are now more culturally enriched and have newly-formed friendships and memories that will last forever. For that we thank you.

Kylye Classon

Ian and I would like to thank you for the wonderful opportunity you gave my son. We greatly appreciate the personal support and advice you have given him and the excellent program you arranged for the athletes whilst on tour.

My son has valued greatly your support of him over the last 6 or so months and we really appreciate the time that you give Sean.
After the first tour my son commented that it was the single best development opportunity he had ever had in basketball and felt that he improved greatly. He was very excited to return for this recent tour.

Sean said the standard of coaching was excellent. He felt he learned so much from your coaching staff, from other players and from playing in tournaments. Sean thoroughly embraced the opportunity to compete against some of the best athletes in USA and learn. We are so isolated here in Australia and tours such as these are enormously valuable.

I know we will be in touch over the coming weeks (and months) and when you have time I have some questions to ask.
In the meantime, I wanted to ensure that you knew that Ian and I,  and my son are extremely grateful for the opportunity AUSA Hoops gave him.

Penny Bairstow

We wanted to write and send our heartfelt thanks to you both; our son has had a terrific AUSA trip. We are receiving a slow and steady drip feed of updates from him, some of the things we know he has appreciated include:

  • The staff, team and friendships he’s formed.
  • The coaching, fitness work, scrimmages and of course tournaments with the opportunity to be ‘seen’ by US college scouts.
  • “The team has been awesome.” “Timmy is fantastic”.
  • The venue, facilities and food. “There was plenty of good food!”
  • The various trips, bowling, movie going, college tours, shopping etc.

For our part, we’ve appreciated all of the above and the balanced development, care and support you have provided and continue to provide in getting Will ready. We can see that the trip itself is a step in a longer, considered process of before, during and after trip activity including preparing his video, marketing him to colleges, travel arrangements, facebook updates, photos, trip reports, and post-trip briefings and continued ‘marketing’ to US colleges.

We’ve loved reading the trip reports and seeing the pictures on the way through.

Bottom line, your experience and network is providing more learning, positive experience and ultimately the opportunity to our son – thank you!

Nigel & Sue Stewart

Margaret and I wanted to send you guys and the rest of your team, a thank you for all the work you have done with, and on behalf of our son in helping him gain a Division 1 College Scholarship.

18 months ago we had no idea what the next step was going to be for our son as all his junior basketball had finished. We did a bit of research and decided we would attend an AUSA Skills Clinic to see where it would take us. That very first day, our son built a bond with Flynn that even now still sees them talking regularly.

The opportunity you provided Matt by allowing him to stay at your house so he could attend your Summer Academy, set him up well for his first ever Nationals tournament and AAU Tour to the US.

This whole process was very new to us. There was an element of fear and I know it seemed like we had a ton of phone calls/ emails as we were constantly asking questions but you guided us with little fuss and assisted us thru this journey which helped put us at ease.

So as of May, our journey with Drake University kicks off. Our son could not have got this opportunity without the hard work and support from all of the team at AUSA. From the Gray’s, we sincerely thank you for all your dedication in making our son’s dreams come true.

PS – if you have other parents in similar situations and they need someone to talk to, please do not hesitate to give them our number.

Darren and Margaret Gray

Heidi and I are blessed with three fabulous, smart and athletic boys.  The oldest chose rugby, and the other two chose basketball.  Our middle son, was lucky enough to be nominated by Basketball NSW to represent Australia in three events.  Through that and a couple contacts, he got lucky and landed a D1 scholarship at Santa Clara University.  This may be the path for the rare few who play for Australia, but it wasn’t the path for our youngest son.

After being cut by the NSW U18 state team, and seeing what a great experience his brother was having, our youngest decided he wanted to go to the US to finish High School.  AAU tournaments are awesome and the AUSA Hoops tour presented many options and ultimately sealed a D1 scholarship for our son.  But what really got him that was his hard work the years before at Scots Academy in Sydney, then 2 years at Montverde Academy in Florida in the US.

If you follow US HS basketball, you know Montverde.  He ate, drank and slept basketball for 2 years, studied hard and challenged himself to be the best he could – in all aspects of his life.  Simply put, you can get better anywhere, but if you want to be the best you can be, then you have to play against the best talent you can find.  So, if you want to play college ball in the States, you simply have to go there.

Playing at Montverde, our son has played with and against literally hundreds of D1 prospects, and you simply won’t find that many in Australia.  You can’t replicate the talent, size, quickness and attitude.  You just have to go there.  A tour is one thing….but going to HS in the States is priceless.  The sacrifice is enormous – financially and otherwise. But, the payoff lasts forever.  ‘No regrets’ was our son’s mantra, and now he has 4-5 years of free education and a life experience staring him right in the face!  He would never have had that without the AUSA Hoops tour, and his time at Montverde Academy.

The guys at AUSA Hoops have developed a great network in the States.  Their AAU Tours are second to none.  And if you really want the full experience and give it your best shot….you should consider finishing HS in the States.  Go for it!

Mike & Heidi Healy

As parents of a 16-year-old heading over to the US to play basketball and complete his high school academics, we were very hesitant. Having our son overseas in a relatively strange country with no family support and also the fact we would miss him greatly was on our minds.

Well, in hindsight, I do not know what we were worried about. His academics have picked up due to the 1:11 teacher-student ratio and he received all the support he required from the school. We were kept informed of his grades and how he was coping through the school’s onsite counsellor. As he was a boarding student, we had to give our consent for him to leave school grounds.

The school took him in and they became part of his family away from home and we were assured he was in safe hands. The school is fantastic!

As for his basketball, his skills have increased dramatically and this also goes for his athleticism. Something he could not have achieved here in Australia. But, this is not just about academia and basketball. He has also gained so much personally.

Our son has received worldly knowledge we couldn’t give him at home. He now has friends from different parts of the world, and has learnt to cope for himself in a safe environment. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity! Don’t think twice, if the opportunity arises grab it with both hands and go for it. You will not be disappointed.

This was all achieved through AUSA Hoops. Rhys and Steve have always keep in contact with Daniel and the school to see how he is and his plans for the future. They looked after him very well. I can not thank AUSA Hoops enough for what they have done for us. They work tirelessly to ensure our son achieves his goals.

Thank you AUSA Hoops.

Anthony & Justine Goldrick

I am sure you guys have been told this many times but what you do is truly great, how you do it is equally impressive……the environment that you surround these kids in is something that will never been found where we come from.

From a family that is in awe of your commitment to kids that want to achieve, we are defiantly thankful for being given the opportunity to have our son in your care over the past couple of months.

He has come a long way since he first went down to Sydney and we saw an amazing amount of growth in his maturity during the 3 days he spent with us a xmas….thank you to you all for fostering this in him and I can’t wait to watch him play at State Classics.

Deanne Hornery

Jeff and I just wanted to send our greatest appreciation to you all.

Jake had an absolutely amazing time and really loved every minute of the whole experience.   He has spoken very fondly and highly of you all and said he soaked everything up.

Thank you for taking such good care of him.

Jeff & Tanya O'Brien

Thank you! I can not express my gratitude enough for the opportunity you have given my daughter and your care of her. I know many people were involved with coaching and managing, Anthony and I have thanked them. However, it is under your leadership and guidance that all of this is possible.
My daughter has been overlooked by Basketball NSW, making the first and second cuts over the past couple of years, but not progressing to team selections, instead staying in DAP programs. She has been determined to continue and has worked hard. I think she may be the only player in her AUSA team who had not played for their state and I think this contributed to her self-doubting early days.
She has come back with confidence and a swagger that I have not seen before. I think she realises that she could keep up with the other girls in her team. She has returned still very keen to pursue the dream of college ball in the USA. If this does not happen, she has still gained so much from this tour in regards to resilience, confidence and skill.

An African proverb is true: “It takes a village to raise a child”. This wisdom means that it takes an entire community to bring up a child. AUSA Hoops is certainly part of this community providing Australian young adults to pursue a basketball career via USA high school system. As a parent of a child who aspires to be an elite athlete, I have learnt that a child belongs to not only one home, one state and in some cases not just to one country or even a continent. This is so true for a global sport like basketball.

I am a proud parent with a son, mentored, trained and guided by AUSA Hoops. My son participated in various AUSA Hoops basketball camps and intensive skills development programs since 2016. I have received good feedback every time my son would come back from these events.

AUSA Hoops does not only organise and runs local Australian boot camps; this company gives unnoticed but talented young adults an opportunity to learn more about the American basketball system by visiting USA. The Australian athletes compete with USA skilled players who know it inside out.

My son has been lucky to go on a tour in April 2017 to the USA where He has had an exceptional chance to try out in high schools with the help of AUSA Hoops personnel and management team. My son was delighted and noticed as a kid with so much potential. Should I be pleased to say that my son will be studying high school from June 2017? Of course, yes, you guessed it.

Australia has a very good sporting culture with a possibility to produce professional players. Unfortunately, this may not happen due to limited pathways available to so many talented young Australians. Parents, as well as children, should have an open mind of different life trajectory in the quest for a professional basketball career. This might mean attending a high school in USA with elevated numbers of mentors, recruiters and professional players, in this case basketball.

Parents whose kids want to college basketball should seriously consider AUSA Hoops programs. On one side, AUSA Hoops has experienced coaches who know what to do to improve the athlete’s basketball skills. On the other side, the organised USA tours increase considerably the self-motivation and confidence in the athlete’s psyches. In my case, I have noticed an upturn in our son’s desire to do whatever it will take to meet the required academic performance for College Basketball.

So, to the parents out there, give this concept some thought. In a timely fashion, athletes need to see all options available to them in order to achieve a life goal to play professional basketball. While it may take many coaches and people to produce a successful sportsman and woman, it does take courage to follow a less travelled but shorter route to reach the same destination. Thank you to AUSA Hoops for helping my son to experience yet a different way to embark on his journey, a drive that will certainly not be easy but possible with the right mind set, mentorship, determination and focus.

Alphonse Rutayisire