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Another week in hoops and we have found plenty of content you will enjoy!

Who’s making noise in the US?

This week we highlight Taiga Cantor of Vermont Tech Junior College.

Taiga has come a long way from the mean streets of Maitland to his Super Saiyan-esque rise at Vermont Tech. It’s not just the hair that draws comparisons to Goku, but his ability to fly through the air like few before him.

Taiga won the USCAA National Dunk Comp this week, and his team just won the first round of the tournament play at the USCAA National Championship Playoffs.

Taiga he has been a major contributor for the Knights this year averaging almost 11ppg and 7rpg as he has begun to catch the eye of some D1 & D2 programs. Check out some of his highlights from his AAU tournaments with AUSA.

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This week has been far ?

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What’s next with AUSA?

Our new uni’s are ready for April, Nike has chopped these together for us and they look DOPE! We will also have a new range of casual tee’s coming out soon so stay tuned for those.

The Youth Development Tour will have pre-sale booklet coming out very soon, so keep your eyes peeled for that.

Training video we love:

Despite the disgustingly poor product placement by Powerade, this is still a damn good training video. It is well worth a watch.. There are plenty of lessons to be learned by LeBron James.

Who’s next..? A name to know:

If you’ve been dunked on or blocked in the past couple of years then you might already know Lachie Bofinger, if not, check out the must-see Dunk Machine Mix of the frequent flyer from Sydney.


Lachie is a 6’6 bouncy guard/wing who’s developing, in our opinion, as one of the best 2020 college prospects in Australia. He was a stud last year playing in our Youth AAU Team and he has only gotten better since returning from his time in America.

Keep an eye out on his YouTube channel for highlights of his upcoming rep season and school games.

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Recruiting Information:

What is the SAT?

The SAT is a standardized college entrance exam. Everyone who goes to college in the US must take this exam. There is another standardised test provider (the ACT). The two tests are very similar but the SAT is far more popular. You can take either exam.

How do I register?

The easiest way to register is online, here.


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Boys April AAU Tour

We are looking for some big men to complete our rosters. Email your highlight video to asap to be considered. Get more info on the trip. This is the final chance for players who graduated in 2017.

Girls July AAU Tour

Our squads are almost set. We are looking for one more girl (preferably a wing or a forward) to complete our roster for July. Email with your highlight video to be considered. Find more info here.

Youth Development Tour

This is our first tour for Year 9 & 10 players that is focused on player skill & character development and giving players a taste of what it takes to make it in American basketball. We will be filling our squad in the coming months.