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Who’s making noise in the US?

This week we check in to highlight Flynn Cameron at DePaul.

Flynn just graduated high school in Queensland in December, snuck down to Melbourne to get buckets at the Aus School Champs, and then headed straight over to NCAA High Major D1 team, DePaul, to start preparing for the 2018-19 season.

He had interest from Iowa State, Marquette, UW-Milwaukee, Wofford, Valparaiso, UMass, WKU, Winthrop, Seton Hall and Abilene Christian after playing AAU the past July.
Follow him @flynncam21


College Recruiting advice:

If college coaches don’t win, they get fired.
To win more games, coaches need the best players. This makes finding the right players EXTREMELY important to their success.
So, if you were a coach, would you rely on videos of players from across the world, or would you prefer to take a player who you have seen in person?
In person, a coach can see all the little things that can’t be observed in a highlight video.
If you are lucky enough to get a scholarship offer from a coach who has only seen you on video, it probably means that you are worth the risk (aka you are a better player than the level you are getting the offer from).

What’s next with AUSA?

We are still filling up our final roster spots for our Boys April AAU Tour. We have also been working hard on preparing our Youth Development Tour for the 2017/18 Summer Holidays. Learn more about the Youth Development Tour here.

Who’s next..? A name to know:

A shoutout to the lefty shooter Courtney Murphy from the Sunshine Coast.

Courtney killed it on the AAU scene in July and then committed to Seattle University in December.

Follow her @cocohopz


Training video we love:

Ball handling guru Gannon Baker teaches some two-ball dribbling drills you can do anywhere.


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Boys April AAU Tour

We are looking for some big men to complete our rosters. Email your highlight video to asap to be considered. Get more info on the trip. This is the final chance for players who graduated in 2017.

Girls July AAU Tour

Our squads are almost set. We are looking for one more girl (preferably a wing or a forward) to complete our roster for July. Email with your highlight video to be considered. Find more info here.

Youth Development Tour

This is our first tour for Year 9 & 10 players that is focused on player skill & character development and giving players a taste of what it takes to make it in American basketball. We will be filling our squad in the coming months.