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March is in full swing so let’s get this madness started!

Who’s making noise in the US?

This week we take a look at Tobias Cameron of Abilene Christian University.

Bias may be the funniest cat we’ve ever had on an AUSA tour, luckily for him he can play basketball a lot better than he can play pool. Tobias is always playful off the court, but a stone-cold killer once he gets on the hardwood.

Bias has a feel for the game like few before him, he see’s plays 2 steps before they develop and has the mindset of a winner. He is the type of guy who does all the dirty work you’d expect from a walk-on fighting for minutes, as well as possessing the leadership skills of a 5th-year senior.

After redshirting this year we couldn’t be more excited to see him lace up the boots and get on the court for the Wildcats in 2018/19.


Follow him @tobias.cameron


Training video we love:

This is a great video of Minnesota Timberwolves All-Star Jimmy Butler working out in the weight room. The workout is pretty general and you could definitely add some of these exercises into your own gym sessions.


While you’re at it check out this cool vid of the Top 10 March Madness Dunks of all time.


Who’s next..? A name to know:

Ben Fakira is a man a lot of you may have heard of or even played against, a Big Friendly Giant off the court, however, there is nothing friendly about him once he gets on it.


Ben was turning heads in 2016/17 with his soft hands, feel for the game and hard-nosed defense while playing on the AAU circuit with AUSA

In 2017 Ben had multiple division 1 offers at his door, the big fella did what he felt was right for him as he turned down larger, flashier named schools and decided on going to South Dakota. Ben spoke in an interview about how the style of play suits his game and he really felt at home when visiting campus.

Having coached Ben through the Junior ranks and in AAU, we know he’s going to have a great career and look forward to watching him in action next season!

Follow him @Ben_Fakira 


Recruiting information: 

What recruiting class am I in? Does my age matter?

Your class is counted as the year after you graduate year 12. I.e. if you complete year 12 in 2017 ~ you are in the Class of 2018. If you complete year 12 in 2018 ~ you are in the Class of 2019, age does not matter. Even if you are a year younger than everyone in your year group, it does not affect your recruiting class.

If you have more questions regarding recruiting, grab a FREE copy of our recruiting resource.


What’s next for AUSA Hoops? 

If you’re enjoying the NCAA tournament and think you want to follow that dream then you should look into our Youth Development Tour scheduled for January 2019. Check it out if you have hopes of someday playing in the US and want to find out what it’s all about!

Hope your brackets haven’t been completely busted and you all had Loyola in the final 4. Have a great Easter break!



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Boys April AAU Tour

We are looking for some big men to complete our rosters. Email your highlight video to asap to be considered. Get more info on the trip. This is the final chance for players who graduated in 2017.

Girls July AAU Tour

Our squads are almost set. We are looking for one more girl (preferably a wing or a forward) to complete our roster for July. Email with your highlight video to be considered. Find more info here.

Youth Development Tour

This is our first tour for Year 9 & 10 players that is focused on player skill & character development and giving players a taste of what it takes to make it in American basketball. We will be filling our squad in the coming months.