AUSA Hoops Select

The Home of Australia’s Next College Basketball Prospects.

Nothing Given. Everything Earned.

In the past 3 years, AUSA Hoops have helped more players get NCAA D1 scholarships than any other private basketball program in Australia.


If you want to play college basketball, this is the program for you.

About AUSA Select

AUSA Select is our invitation-only development program to help prepare players to earn a college basketball scholarship.

Weekly sessions that are run like a college basketball practice.

We help you find your identity as a player, teach you skills specific to your position, and ensure you are training with the best players and being taught by our best coaches.

The Proof is in the Numbers

There are plenty of options. Traditional pathways, individual trainers, US travel teams thrown together.

We all only have one shot at our dreams to play college or professional sports. You want to stack the odds in your favour and not cut corners or you will come up short on your dreams.

Choosing your pathway is a decision that you only get to make once. Take your time and do your research, look at our alumni list.

Choosing the right program is vital to your success. In the wrong program and you may not receive the information you need, you may miss the platform to prove yourself to college coaches, or you may not be able to access the networks you need to be successful.

Look at other programs, ask for specific their success stories, ask for proof, ask for numbers. Make an informed decision rather than falling victim to politics.






AUSA Hoops have taken more than 100 players to the US and helped them earn more than $5 million dollars in scholarships.

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