So, we all know Dante is about to be a multimillionaire, but just how much does he stand to make?

Much of his earnings will be determined by exactly which place in the draft he is taken. The best guess at this moment points to Dante being taken third by the Philadelphia 76ers.

[table]Pick, 1st Year Salary, 2nd Year Salary, 3rd Year Option, Total
1, “$4,592,200”, “$4,798,900”, “$5,005,500″,”$14,396,600″
2 ,”$4,108,800”, “$4,293,700”, “$4,478,600″,”$12,881,100″
3 ,”$3,689,700”, “$3,855,800”, “$4,021,800″,”$11,567,300″
4,”$3,326,700”, “$3,476,400”, “$3,626,100″,”$10,429,200”
5, “$3,012,500”, “$3,148,100”, “$3,283,600″,”$9,444,200”


Along with the guaranteed money of being a top NBA draft pick, Dante will make many more millions through endorsements with Adidas and Red Bull.

Check out the payday’s for the entire draft here.

The draft starts today at 9am (Sydney & Melbourne) on ESPN.