Jock PerryJock Perry stands a staggering 214.4cm tall. That is a legitimate 7’0. And, he is still growing.

The talented center out of Melbourne picked up basketball just 4 years ago. Perry recounted that “I sort of got thrust into the sport because of my height. I was originally an Aussie Rules player but now have a huge love for the sport of basketball.”

This love for the sport, along with his incredible height has led to Perry recently earning a scholarship to the AIS. Perry just arrived in Canberra last week along with the 11 other AIS scholarship holders. He mentioned that the facility is everything he expected it to be. “It is just a great place because everything you need to become a great player is in the immediate vicinity”, said Perry.

Since arriving at the AIS, Perry has really been focusing on developing his jumpshot. Perry already has good touch around the rim and is a defensive presence with the ability to alter shots with his length. While he is still a developing talent, he hopes to build himself into a 7 footer who has the ability to pick & pop and shoot the ball consistently from 3.

With the AIS yet to name a head coach, Perry said that the squad has been working out daily with Andrej Lemanis over the past week. Perry indicated that the head coach might not be named until April, which is just prior to the start of the SEABL season.

Perry’s journey to this point has been far from a walk in the park. The 7’0 center has battled a couple of injuries over the past year, breaking his wrist and then his thumb on his shooting hand. Perry hasn’t let the injuries defeat him, and he mentioned that, “the injuries have helped me handle the ups and downs of a basketball career.”

On a brighter note, when Perry recently had his hand x-rayed, the doctors mentioned that his growth plates are still open, and he may have a couple more inches left to grow.

In the future, Perry has his goals set on a move to the US to play college basketball. “Right now, I ended up being lucky enough to be offered a scholarship at the AIS, I would love to go to college to get an education while playing at a good level of basketball.”

Perry already has interest from Auburn and Utah, but mentioned that the contact has just been through email thus far.

Time will tell just how far the big man can take his game. For now, the AIS offers the best environment for the developing big man to shape his game and become a force down low for the Australian junior teams and eventually for a US college team.