7 Steps to Becoming a Great Teammate

Although everyone has their roles, there is one universal responsibility everyone has: be the best teammate you can be.

Being a good teammate is all about the little things, and there are always different aspects you can improve to become a great teammate.

1. Lead by example

When your teammates see you working hard, putting in extra sessions and getting up extra reps before and after practice, you show them that you are committed to getting better.

When they see you doing what you can to help the team win, you set a positive example for them to follow.

Conversely, if you do the bare minimum to scrape by, it will foster the toxic habit and encourage a culture of mediocrity.


2. Connection and chemistry

Often, the most successful teams are the best teams.

The San Antonio Spurs are the ultimate testament to this fact.

Teams that are a tight knit group experience success together, and enjoy the process even more. When a team connects, and chemistry is right, it’s easier to be a part of a positive culture.

As a leader and a good teammate, it is important for you to facilitate this chemistry by encouraging it in various ways.

Getting the team together for a regular meal or to hang out is a small thing that can go a long way to developing a great team.


3. Go at each other

During practice, the best way to contribute to the overall success of your team is working hard, and in turn working everyone else hard.

Practices should be competitive and really you should strive to bring the best out your teammates.

You play how you train, and a hard training makes game day easier.


4. Be the energy man

By always talking and providing a spark of energy, you will help your team immensely.

Bringing a positive mindset to every practice can be infectious, and you empower your teammates to share the same energy and drive.

A “high-five” culture can lift morale of any team, making the entire journey more enjoyable.


5. Be the glue guy

Every team needs a “glue guy”. One of the most undervalued characters on a team, they are intangible.

Diving on loose balls, taking charges, cheering off the bench, and helping a teammate up off the floor are little things that go a long way to being a better teammate.

Glue guys aren’t concerned about their traditional box score stats as long as they are contributing to their team’s success.

One is beneficial, but imagine a team of 12 glue guys?


6. Be accountable

Getting on top of your teammates makes them accountable and focussed.

This doesn’t mean yelling at them for a missed shot or turnover, but ensuring that they are the first ones back on defence.

Being supportive and building your teammates up with encouragement develops responsibility and habit conducive to successful teams.


7. Put team above all

Great teams “drop their ego at the door”. No one cares who’s hitting the big shot.

Winning and your team should be at the forefront of all you do. Don’t play for stats or individual accolades; these will come as part of a team, but play for your teammates and championships.

Your teammates become your brothers, lasting long off the court when the season is finished. When one wins, each wins: the name on the front of the jersey means more than the one on the back.




A great teammate puts we before me.

A great teammate revels in his teammates’ success.

A great teammate buys into the team’s identity.

A great teammate does all the little things necessary to help his team win.

A great teammate loves playing with his teammates and being a part of the team environment.

And most importantly, a team full of “great” teammates is well on their way to maximising their potential.

So, I challenge you today to help your team.

Become a great teammate.