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Play in Front of 100s of College Coaches

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What is the US Recruiting Tour?


Designed specifically to give Australians the best opportunity to earn a college scholarship.


Our teams play in NCAA certified tournaments designed for college coaches to scout high school players.


At any tournament there could be 100 to 1,500 college coaches scouting.

Earn a College Basketball Scholarship in the US

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Why Does Our Tour Work?


Our Relationships with College Scouts

Our Knowledge of the Aussie & US System

Our Experience in College Recruiting

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The Key to Recruiting: Understanding College Coaches

College Coaches Annual Schedules

College coaches are busy coaching their own team from August until early April.

When the college season ends, there are two specific periods of the year that college coaches recruit players; April & July.

If you play in the US in December, do not expect college coaches to be at your games.

Don't Rely on Scouting Services

College coaches have their job on the line every day. If they don’t win, they get fired.

Coaches have to ensure they sign the best players possible to make sure the team can win games. It is far easier for coaches to determine a player’s skills and potential by watching them play in America against American high school players.

Would you trust your job as a coach on a grainy YouTube video of a player from across the world?

Earn a College Basketball Scholarship in the US

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