2018 AAU Team Trials

April & July 2018 Teams

http://highschool.isq.edu.mx/cr45/6967/assets/js/5291 What are the Trials?

These trials are for our AAU teams in April 2018 and July 2018.

We have boys and girls trials available in every city.
To trial for Youth teams, you need to currently be in Year 9 or 10. For our senior teams, you need to currently be in Year 11 or 12.
Boys AAU: Youth teams & Senior teams will trial at the same time (we will have you in groups at the trial with players of your age group).

Have questions? Check out the FAQ below or email contactus@ausahoops.com

Nation-wide Trials


Boys & Girls Trials

A pathway for all players.

April & July 2018

Trial for either (or both) tours.

Currently Year 9 - 12

Trials for our senior and youth teams.

Download the 2018 AAU Tour Information Booklet

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Check out our AAU Tour Alumni



What is the format of the Trials?

All of our National AAU Trials will have a US College Seminar, a boy’s trial session and a girl’s trial session.

Our US College Seminar will explain the in’s and out’s of the US college basketball system to help you get on the right track to make sure you are eligible to play college basketball. We strongly recommend parents attend this US College seminar. (In some cities we have a seminar available for the girls and a seminar available for the boys. You can attend either seminar.)

On the court in the trial session, players will have an opportunity to play in multiple different 1-on-1 to 5-on-5 gameplay situations.

After we complete the national trials, we will contact all players to let them know how they went in their trials process.

Our goal as a program is to help more Aussies play college ball in the States. So, if you end up playing for AUSA, or for another program, we are more than happy to help you learn about the US College system and more than happy to pass you on to other programs.

How do I register for the Trials?

Registration is completed online through our booking system.

All of the trials can be found here.

If you are lost on our booking platform, click on the “Camps & Clinics” tab, and then sort by “All Service Categories”. From there you should be able to book your session easily.

Please note that you have to Create an Account on our booking system to be able to register for the trials.

What if I can't attend these trials?

These trials are very important for our selection process. We give preference to players who can attend our trials.

If you are unable to make the September/October trials, or hear about the tour after the trials are completed, we will need to see video footage of you playing. If you are based in Sydney we will be able to evaluate you in person in an individual session. Please email contactus@ausahoops.com to send through your highlight tape and any relevant information to help us determine if you are qualified to play for AUSA.

In the situation where we do not find all the players we need to fill our teams to a suitable standard in the September trials, we will hold additional trials during January 2018. However, priority is given to players who come to the September Trials.

Outside the National AAU Trials, we also evaluate players through scouting the major Australian Junior Championships events and Club Championship events throughout the year. Spots on our teams are limited to a strict number of 9 per team, so once our players are selected, there will be no more positions available.

What happens after the trials if I get selected to play for an AUSA team?

Firstly, if you get selected, congrats! Welcome to the AUSA fam!

After we complete the National AAU Trials, we will contact every player who attended to let them know if they were successful or not.

Those who were successful will be able to book a call with our staff to talk through any questions you may have about playing AAU with us. From there, you will need to sign on to play for us and make an initial deposit to reserve your position in the program for 2018. The initial deposit is due November 1st, 2017.

What happens if I don't get selected for a team?

If you don’t get selected for a team, we are still more than happy to point you in the right direction.

AUSA is the #1 AAU Program in Australia, and our players are held to a certain level of excellence. It is hard to make our teams!

Our goal as a program is to help more Aussies play college ball in the States. So, if you end up playing for AUSA, or for another program, we are more than happy to help you learn about the US College system and more than happy to pass you on to other programs.

We have plenty of connections with US based AAU programs who are excited to have Aussies play for them. After the selections are made, we will be more than happy to pass your information onto these American programs so you still have an opportunity to play AAU.

Am I committed to anything by coming to these Trials?

Not at all. You are not committed to anything by coming to this trial.

These National AAU Trials are simply and opportunity for you to trial and you are not committed to coming on the tour by coming to the trial.

However, if you do not accept the invitation to play for AUSA, we will give it to another player who is of the standard to play for AUSA.

Can I register on the day of the Trials?

We prefer for you to register online (it makes it far easier for us to plan the trials). However, if you need to register on the day of the trials, you can. If you register on the day of the trials, the fee is $25 rather than $15 if you do it online.

What do I need to bring to the Trials?

Please bring:

  1. A basketball
  2. A black and white (or light & dark) reversible jersey
  3. A water bottle
How many teams are you taking over in 2018?

April 2018:
Boys: We will take 3 boys teams to Dallas. This trip is ideal for players who have graduated high school in 2017. It is also great trip for any players who want to come on multiple trips to gain experience.

July 2018:
Girls: We will take 3 girls teams to Dallas. We are returning to Dallas as the 2017 Champions of the adidas Gauntlet.
Boys: We will take two separate groups over for the July AAU period in 2018. 3 teams to Dallas and 3 teams to Milwaukee. These trips will have one youth team (year 10 or 11) on each trip and two senior teams (year 12).

December 2018:
Youth Boys: We will take 3 youth boys teams to the West Coast for our Youth Development Tour. This tour is ideal for year 9 and 10 boys who want to experience American basketball, learn the work ethic required to be successful and determine if playing college basketball is something they really want to pursue.

I'm currently in year 7 or 8. What should I do?
Hang tight! The youngest groups we take over to the US are Year 9 players on our Youth Development Tour. If you want to be involved with AUSA, our Summer Development Academy may be the best fit for you.
I'm currently in year 9 or 10. What should I do?

Year 9 and 10 players have two tour options. Our Youth Development Tour (Year 9 & 10) is in the December/January holidays focused on teaching work ethic, showing you what it takes to be a college basketball player and letting you figure out if you want to dedicate yourself to following your college basketball dreams.
Our AAU Tours also take youth teams (Year 10 & 11). As a youngster attending these trips, you are likely more focused on gaining experience of playing AAU to ensure you are prepared for when you are in Year 12.

I'm currently in year 11 or 12. What should I do?

The July trip of your son’s final year of high-school is always the optimal time to play AAU.

July 2018 is the beginning of the 2018 college recruiting season, where coaches are looking for their Class of 2019 recruits who will start college in August of 2019. There are the greatest number of scholarships available at this time, because colleges are just beginning their recruiting for the coming year.

If this is not feasible due to school or other reasons, the next best time to attend is April after finishing high school. April 2018 is immediately succeeding the 2018 college season, where coaches are looking to fill their final scholarship spots and address roster imbalances for the 2019 season. There are still scholarships available, just not the same volume as in July.

As a younger player who plans to attend multiple tours, you can gain the required experience from attending either the April or July trip.

You will notice from our Alumni List that many of the players who were successful in attaining scholarships attended multiple tours. It takes time to adjust to the US style of play and to gather your nerves in front of college coaches. We cannot understate how valuable playing AAU multiple times can be to help players achieve their college basketball dreams.

Girls Trial Dates & Location

Trial Dates:

  • QLD – Townsville  |  Murray Sports Complex  |  Sept 19th  |  1:00 – 4:00pm
  • QLD – Brisbane  |  Hibiscus Stadium  | Sept 20th  |  3:30 – 6:30pm
  • QLD – Gold Coast   | Venue TBA | Sept 21st  |  TBA
  • VIC – Melbourne  |  MSAC  | Sept 25th  |  1:00 – 2:30pm. Seminar @ 5:30pm
  • WA – Perth  |  Bendat Basketball Centre  |  Sept 28th  | 1:00 – 5:00pm
  • NSW – Sydney  |  Sydney University  |  Oct 1st  |  3:00 – 6:00pm
  • SA – Adelaide  |  The ARC Campbelltown  |  TBA

Boys Trial Dates & Location

Trial Dates: