Deng Adel has had a tremendous July. Image credit to Louis Brandt.

Deng Adel has had a tremendous July. Image credit to Louis Brandt.

After recently shooting from nowhere to be ranked #47 in the national rankings, there is talk of Deng Adel moving into the top 25.

The Aussie wing with a silky smooth jumper and defensive clamps is moving from strength to strength this July. Adel was a standout at the Adidas Unrivaled Camp in Chicago, and then days later he committed to play for Rick Pitino at Louisville. Now, he is showing his talents this week at the NY2LA Summer Jam.

Still with one year left to play at Victory Rock Prep, Adel explained his reasoning to AUSA Hoops as to why he chose to make his college decision last week.

Adel said he wanted to, “just to get it out of the way. My senior year is coming, and I wanted to focus on playing and getting better and preparing for college. I’ve been talking to Coach Pitino about what they want me to improve before I get on campus.”

“Because I committed early, I can ask them ‘what can I work on before I go there?’ So when I go to college, I can be an immediate impact.”

Adel has strong links to current Louisville player Mangok Mathiang. Mathiang played for the same high school coach, Loren Jackson, when Jackson was at IMG.

Adel mentioned that Mathiang had some influence over his commitment to Louisville, but he also mentioned that “at the same time, I was going to go if Mangok wasn’t there. I liked the playing style the school, and it was just best fit. They have diehard fans and a great city.”

“But, Mangok did a good job recruiting me. He told me everything I needed to know.”

Deng Adel at Summer Jam. Image credit to Louis Brandt.

Deng Adel at Summer Jam. Image credit to Louis Brandt.

Look for more talented Australians to make the journey to the US to play for Coach Loren Jackson at Victory Rock Prep.

Adel mentioned that “Coach Jackson likes Australian kids because we are humble, hard-working, and that’s why he gets a lot of recruits through us.”

“We really trust the coach. He treats us like family. There will definitely be more Aussies coming over to Victory Rock Prep,” said Adel.

Already at Victory Rock Prep, there are multiple Aussies including Deng Riak and Mayan Kiir. Adel mentioned that some other Aussies to look out for including Gairges Daow, Madut Akec and Gorjok Gak.

“Basketball was good in Melbourne, but I wanted exposure.”

“I knew by moving here [to the US] I would get better. And since I got here, I got a lot better, a lot stronger, and my skills have improved and everything. I was good in Australia, but it is kind of hard to go to college from there because there is not much exposure.”

Adel had some final words of advice for players in Australia who are looking to play college basketball. “A lot of kids in Australia email the schools and its hard to get an offer through just an email, so I think they should come over and do what you guys [AUSA Hoops] are doing and come here for tours to play and get exposure. If they don’t want to move here [for high school] they should play and get exposure in AAU.”