Why AUSA Hoops? | AUSA Hoops

AUSA Hoops. Be Great.

can you buy robaxin over the counter in canada “This is a program I am proud to have my children involved with. It’s about more than just basketball.”

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Passionate, Experienced Coaches


American Connections

Mentors & Role Models













We Teach What We Learned On Our Own Basketball Journey.


Greatness is a choice

We all have greatness within us that is waiting for us to believe.


Hard Work is Cool

Create an identity of working to achieve your goals.


Embrace Failure

Fail over and over and over again, until you succeed.


More than a Game.

Learn life skills through the sport you love.


Trust the Process

It’s a long, long journey to success. Trust hard work pays off.


Be Great.

Everything you do, do it as well as you possibly can.

“I haven’t done those type of ball handling drills. Ever.”

Australian Institute of Sport Player



Coaching with a Little Extra Attention.

“It’s a lot more specific to every player, and every player gets a bit more care than they would at other places.”

NSW State Team Player